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Celebrating 10-Years of The Bello Project

A Decade of Honouring the Bond Between Pets & Their People

May 2024

Written by Sara Rodenhizer, Professional Development Team

Video by Tracey Robertson, HHA Co-Founder & CEO, and Glen Burkholder, HHA Co-Founder & Board Chair


Pictured: Tracey with Bello

This June marks a significant milestone for HHA - the 10th anniversary of The Bello Project, our first ever program. Launched in 2014, The Bello Project has stood as a testament to our charity’s commitment to providing compassionate end-of-life care, not just for people, but for their beloved pets as well.

The Bello Project offers a unique and essential service: ensuring that pets can stay with their dying owners to the end, providing comprehensive support to both during this critical time. Beyond this, the program offers peace of mind to pet owners that their furry companions will be well cared for and, when necessary, helps to find a new loving home for a pet at the appropriate stage of their owner’s illness journey. Perhaps even more importantly, though, The Bello Project invites us all to expand our views on what constitutes comprehensive care, extending the program’s impact far beyond the immediate needs it fulfills.

Bello Project - Round .png
Ottawa Champion Pam Keetch

As we reflect on the past decade, we celebrate not only the achievements and milestones but also the people who have been true champions of this project. Most importantly among them is Pam Keetch, who joined HHA in 2017 and quickly became the heart of The Bello Project. Described by HHA Co-Founder Tracey Robertson as “the light that keeps the Bello Project candle burning,” Pam’s dedication has significantly raised public awareness about the needs of pets and their dying owners. Her history with dog rescue and her deep connection to the communities of Eastern Ontario highlight her profound commitment to the values and goals of HHA and The Bello Project.

Pictured: Pam, The Bello Project Program Manager

Looking ahead, we’re excited to expand the reach and impact of this program. Specifically, we plan to integrate The Bello Project into our Houseless Hospice Project, furthering our mission of compassionate care that recognizes the end-of-life needs of the most vulnerable and marginalized.

Join us as we look back at the transformative activities that have shaped The Bello Project, the meaningful relationships we’ve built along the way, and our plans to nurture a more compassionate and caring community for pets and their people.

Watch a short video of HHA Co-founder and CEO Tracey Robertson as she shares the story of her Boxer, Bello, whose legacy continues to inspire The Bello Project.

If you're interested in supporting The Bello Project, please consider making a donation or becoming a fundraising partner.

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