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To deliver hospice palliative care in a non-institutionalized environment where compassion and culturally sensitive human connection are hallmarks.

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As a person who watched a grandma, uncle, father and son pass, I am so honoured to be a part of a team helping those ready to transition; do so with dignity and peace. Thank you Home Hospice Association for bringing this to life- to bridge the gaps in services so people can have humanity with this end of life transition.


When my treatment was over and I went back to work, with a clean bill of health, it was then that the stress of my diagnosis caught up with my wife. Because the kind of family support offered when hospice exists in a community, was not available in ours, she had nowhere to turn.


While the hospital was so kind to us, providing two private rooms for the days my son was actively dying; I was aware of the fact that two children were not getting the potentially life-saving treatment they needed. 

HHA is a Federally Recognized "Not For Profit" Corporation.  With an Official Charity Status and Number


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