About Us

Home Hospice Association has been formed to address the alarming lack of hospice or palliative care available to Canadians. The current state of hospice / palliative care can be described as sporadic; at best.  Even in large metropolitan areas like the city of Toronto, many suburbs, such as Etobicoke and North York, do not meet the needs of their community.  This same challenge is especially prevalent in small and underserviced areas with challenging demographics.   In Ontario alone, where Home Hospice Association intends to concentrate it’s initial efforts, the 2015 Auditor General Report states, "although best practices in various jurisdictions suggest there should be at least seven hospice beds per 100,000 people, Ontario has fewer than two, and some LHINs (areas) have no hospice beds at all.".

Home Hospice Association gets involved in communities where end of life care does not currently exist.  The goal for 2016 is to present to four targeted communities, its non-institutionalized approach to end of life care.  This approach is not reliant upon bricks and mortar; it only relies upon dignity, care and culturally sensitive human connection.

By becoming a player in the community, Home Hospice Association, in collaboration with other players including (and especially) the caregiver:


  • Provide consulting to help establish a corporation, helping to develop business plan, establish their governance structure, provide advice and assistance in the recruitment of personnel and to deliver any necessary training.


  • Facilitate the establishment of a community based network of providers (rather than everybody doing it on their own in a silo).  In performing this function Home Hospice Association adds additional value through the constant improvement of the economics of care. 


  • Pilot various delivery models which includes assisting in developing performance indicators, assessing opportunities for innovation and improvement and the dissemination of best practices to other emerging communities.