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Annual Appeal


One time in the year, Home Hospice Association produces a formal "ask for support" that is designed to raise awareness about those who have been directly affected by HHA’s ability to raise enough money to provide free access to hospice care.  When you receive your appeal letter, it is our hope that you will embrace the love story you will first read and consider what the journey would have been like if they had not had hospice to guide them.  This letter will also be a yearly review of hospice care, how it impacts the health care industry, what government changes have contributed to our fiscal sustainability and those communities HHA supports.  When you receive this letter, filling out the donation request and sending it back in the stamped self-addressed envelope provided, gives you a direct opportunity to ensure that if you or anyone you love is ever in need of hospice care, anywhere in our country, it will be as accessible as clean drinking water.


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