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Advertising Oppurtunities


Home Hospice Association is on the leading edge of marketing, branding and resource raising; which opens the door to many different advertising opportunities that provide additional ROI for Sponsors and Partners as well as a branding resource for those businesses who are not part of HHA’s supporters but are still looking for cost effective and innovative methods of advertising. 


Ongoing Print Ads

Each month HHA produces  In Harmony that is distributed to a broad group of individuals, businesses and sister charitable organizations.  Consider what selling message you may wish to communicate to those who are looking forward to staying informed about how HHA is supporting their friends, family, neighbors and co-workers

Event Programs

Each of our Special Events produces an Event Program which has a myriad of print ad or selling message opportunities.  As the Third Party Events continue to grow we also continually look for opportunities to build Event Programs to further offer ways to tell the HHA story and to help you tell your message to a very targeted audience.


Co-Op Advertising

When HHA has a need to purchase traditional advertising we look for businesses who would be interested in making a donation to offset the cost or share in the cost of the media purchase.  As a Co-Op advertiser your selling message is communicated in conjunction with the message HHA needs to convey.  Co-Op Advertising is a great way to expand your brand by demonstrating your commitment to the support of a cause.


Print Pull Outs

At least once a year, HHA creates a compilation of the best of our In Harmony Newsletter and has it reproduced in local print media outlets.  Partners are sought who would like to take advantage of the eyeballs drawn to a large special section and many different ad sizes are available.


Website & Social Media

Online advertising is growing in opportunity and popularity for Home Hospice Association.  Investing in this form of communication for your business provides consistency in a cost effective and innovative way.  HHA’s website can give you specific areas of messaging, depending upon your target audience, or can allow for you to brand throughout the site.  Our vibrant Social Media team is able to communicate, on your behalf, messages to our audience that notify of special events or promotions and link them to your social media and websites.


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