Because grief does not stop when the casseroles stop coming

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As many as 1,000,000 people per year are touched by a life threatening diagnosis that someone else receives

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Another day is targeted grief and bereavement support for both the person diagnosed and for those who love them, designed to meet the needs of anyone and at any time throughout their grief journey.

The diagnosis has been made, the shock and disbelief are real. You are already grieving . The grief journey does not start when the casseroles stop coming. It begins at diagnosis. It has an immediate impact, as the possibility of dying or losing a loved one strikes its first blow. Another day empowers individuals along every step of their journey, from diagnosis to death, and carries on for those who love them.


Services offered:

  • Someone has been newly diagnosed, and is now on a treatment on a treatment journey (My world has been turned upside down)

  • When someone returns to wellness (You can put me down now, I think I can manage)

  • When someone has been told it is time to put their life in order (Oh no, its happening again)

  • When someone is dying (I can't leave without saying goodbye)

  • When loved ones have to carry on (The casseroles have stopped coming)

How You Can Help

  • Peer volunteer support:  help provide grief and bereavement support (Peer to Peer)   

  • Walk in our annual Moonlight Memorial Walk:  raise awareness, while helping to generate much needed funding to continue our work 

  • As a member of a Another Day Planning/Working team: your expertise can help us with a project; we can add skills and valuable content to your resume 

  • Help financially support our important work in the community so that we can continue to provide grief and bereavement support to the dying and the ones who love them.


  • Explore opportunities help us to ensure no one in your community dies alone or in distress. Collaboration helps ensure no one in your community has to leave their "home" to find free quality hospice care.