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Our Compassionate Caregiving Online Training Program is available for anyone who aspires to make a difference in the lives of someone with a terminal illness.
This training was designed for all caregivers including familial and volunteers, but is suitable for anyone as it is built on a foundation of mindfulness and compassion for the end of life journey.

Simply put, this training is about those of us living in Canada, helping those of us living in Canada by providing compassionate care to the dying and their loved ones. Home Hospice Association is proud to present and offer, free of charge, a program that gets to the heart of our organization and to the mission and vision of what we strive to do every single day. There is no better way for you to create value for your community (whether your community is where you live, where you worship, where you work or where you volunteer) than to become a Home Hospice Association Compassionate Caregiver.

You can do this in the comfort of your own home! Drawing from expertise of professionals who were able to address the spiritual, emotional and practical facets of caring for someone diagnosed with a life threatening illness, this training will equip you to walk the journey with anyone affected by a diagnosis, at any time along their journey.


Become the foundation of Home Hospice Association in your community. Help create a culture of “community helping community” so that together we can provide this important care to friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and those with no family; no support system at all.

Who Is The Compassionate Caregiving 
Training Designed For?
  • For those who have been ‘called to serve’ in a formal capacity, this training is an excellent addition to your toolkit of ways you can better support terminally ill people in your community

  • For those who feel the desire to be supportive in your community in an informal capacity and want to gain the knowledge and confidence to do so

  • For those who are caring for a loved one at home and wish to feel empowered to do; you will learn what to expect and better understand their illness journey, while learning the importance of  self care and avoiding burn out

Why Choose Home Hospice Association As Your Compassionate Caregiving Educators:

This program was created by professionals in the hospice and palliative care field. They are uniquely positioned to offer a comprehensive knowledge and practical experience perspective for our training.

"The Content and presentation offered through the Home Hospice Association’s Compassionate Caregiving Online Training was consistently high quality and engaging. Most importantly, each module provided an excellent overview of the challenges and opportunities inherent in each area – while challenging me to clarify and to find my own answers. I feel that all of the techniques used, the methods, the videos/PowerPoint were extremely well thought out and useful. At no point did I feel that the training was “long” or “dragging on”. I felt challenged and consistently drawn into the exercises presented and felt at the conclusion of each module that I was eager to continue on and learn from the modules to come.
Over all this was a highly engaging program that was effectively carried through. Even though this was self-guided training, it felt as though I was sitting in a room learning from individuals with broad experience which helped to enrich the entire journey from start to finish. There are many useful things I am taking with me from this training and I am appreciative of the opportunity to learn from such a diverse team within Home Hospice Association."

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