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Be a Guest Speaker

Death Educators of the World Unite!

Be a Guest Speaker for Canada’s Leader in Compassionate End-of-Life Care and Death Education

As a guest speaker with Home Hospice Association (HHA), you will be contributing to the training and development of those who aspire to provide care to the dying and their loved ones either as Professional Caregivers, including Death Doulas or Infant and Pregnancy Loss Doulas, or as members of communities who want to normalize death for themselves, their friends, neighbours and co-workers.

Be part of our dynamic community committed to helping others help those who are dying

  • Professional development opportunity

  • Receive recognition for and feedback about your practice or program

  • Expand your professional portfolio and network

  • Get promoted on HHA’s website and social media platforms


  • Make a meaningful contribution to HHA’s mission to increase access to quality compassionate end-of-life care through the education and training of communities and professional practitioners

Benefits include:
Help to normalize death and create a more compassionate, caring society.

Do you have expertise to share in any of these areas?

  • What active dying looks like and how to assist the loved ones of the dying

  • The four domains of care a Death Doula provides

  • How to help prepare clients & families for the end-of-life journey

  • How one’s own death experiences influences work in this field

  • Navigating common medical terminology used to communicate with clients and their loved ones

  • History of deathcare

  • Evolving role of a Death Doula

  • Grief & Bereavement

  • Tending to the spiritual, physical & emotional needs of the dying

  • When death occurs

  • Honouring a life - rituals, traditions and cultural awareness

  • The art & skill of compassionate communication

  • Reserving judgment

  • Palliative sedation and medical assistance in dying (MAiD)

  • Consultation practice

  • Vigil practice

  • Selfcare, triggers and debriefing

Our commitment to education and community outreach has a strong focus on:
  • Equity, diversity, inclusion, and justice

  • Increased accessibility via online teaching and learning

  • Hybrid in-person and online teaching and learning

  • Using technology to improve student and organizational outcomes

Get in touch with us!

We encourage death educators and professionals of all backgrounds and experiences to reach out to us. We value the unique contributions that each person brings to our organization, and actively seek guest speakers from diverse backgrounds, as we believe that a broad range of perspectives strengthens our ability to fulfill our mission and create meaningful change.

By embracing diversity, promoting equity, and fostering inclusion, we are committed to making both life AND death better for everyone everywhere.


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