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Become a RVT Mentor in support of The Bello Project

Registered Veterinary Technicians are professionals who passionately look after the best interest of all animals, in the means of both health and welfare, across the province. 

About The Bello Project: 


The Bello Project journeys with the pet along the path of their loved one’s life-limiting illness to maintain the unshakeable bond between pet and pet-owner until death occurs.   Why is this important?  If the pet can see the changes in their owner they will be more accepting of the death.   Keeping this companionship together maintains a source of unconditional love they both need.  

The Bello Project acknowledges that when looking to find animal ambassadors and caring individuals to help educate our community volunteers, the Registered Veterinary Technician seemed the perfect fit for the role.



  1. To mentor our volunteers to provide quality pet care in a compassionate and qualified manner and provide peace of mind to our terminally ill human clients.

  2.  Across Ontario, Registered Veterinary Technicians will be recruited to train, educate and mentor our volunteers and equip them with the knowledge they need to;

  • Recognise concerns in animal health of our clients’ animals (be the advocate for the animal, as the owner may be too ill to do that)

  • Fore-see changes that may cause unwanted stress to animals in the changing homes of our clients

  • Initiate positive responses to areas of concern that arise in the animals in our care 


What's Involved:

  1. RVT Mentor will complete the core components of our Compassionate Caregiving  Online Training (approximate time commitment 90 minutes)

  2. A relationship between the RVT Mentor and our Volunteer Coordinator will be established

  3. All volunteers in a geographical area will be matched with the nearest RVT Mentor after completing their Compassionate Caregiving Online Training

  4. RVT Mentor will receive a short profile of each volunteer then host a hands-on workshop to review the handling, behaviour, and safety methods for working with client animals, that have already been taught in our online training 

  5. RVT Mentor will then complete a Readiness Assessment for each volunteer and review the results with the Client and Community Care Cooridinator 

  6. RVT Mentor will remain available for an ongoing relationship with volunteers and the Client and Community Care Coordinator 



RVT's who enlist to be our mentors will receive a letter to support their volunteer involvement with The Bello Project which will count towards CE credits (volunteer work). You will also gain a deep sense of accomplishment and value to your career. As an engaged community member you will:

  • Take an active role in educating the public (volunteers)

  • Advocate for animals in the care of our Project

  • Be involved with a project that is preventing more animals from entering rescues and shelters prematurely

  • Take a very important part in making the world a better place and improving the quality of life for people dying of terminal illness.



Varies dependent on the geographical area and how many volunteers are engaged nearby. This is volunteer work so you tell us the level of commitment you are comfortable committing to and we will arrange schedules accordingly.  

Use your skills as a Registered Veterinary Technician by volunteering at this year's Muddy Paws Wine Festival ... yes we did say wine and dogs all in one great event!   Here's How!

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KIm and Cat
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