Home Hospice Association has a passionate mission: dying well wherever we call home.   We offer compassion, care and culturally sensitive human connection to the dying and those who love them (including their pet). All at no cost to those who need us most.  Improving the lives of the dying is what we strive to accomplish every day.  




It is part of HHA’s ethical responsibility to provide opportunity for those who have found it their personal and professional mission that aligns with our mission and who believe in the spirit of collaboration.  Leadership Volunteers define themselves as trustworthy, accept a higher degree of accountability in order to see their area of focus thrive within the overall framework of collaboration. 


We are looking for a passionate person to be a part of our leadership. This position is ideal for people who have passion and zeal for charity organizations. Making conversations and engaging with diverse groups of people. Being part of a great team and working towards meeting organization goals.


Areas of Leadership we Seek

  • Members of our Board of Directors  

  • Members of our Community Chapter Executive

  • Members of our Standing Committees who focus on Risk Management, Stewardship or Leadership

  • Members of our Ad-Hoc Committees who focus on Budgeting or Event Planning for gatherings such as our Annual General Meeting and Annual Leadership / Strategic Planning Retreat

  • Team Leaders for Working (operational teams) such as Marketing, Fundraising, Program Management, Human Resources and Chapter (Partner in Community Engagement) and Event Planning.





Submit letter of inquiry / intent to glen@homehospiceassociation.com highlighting

  • Your interest in end of life care and or charitable work

  • Why you feel drawn to such a leadership role within an organization that cares for the dying and those who love them (including their pet)

  • What you feel you would strive to give to HHA

  • What you hope HHA would be able to give to you in return


Thank you for helping to grow our village!

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