Values: Collaboration, Community, Empowerment, Knowledge, Choice


Core Value: Humanness


Promise: Together we deliver care when cure is no longer possible


These are Our "Why's"
Could these be your's?
  1. It is your personal and professional mission to live and work in culture that aligns with our values and most importantly our core value.

  2. Others would define you as trustworthy and someone who  thrives within the framework of collaboration

  3. You have passion and are not afraid to share what you believe it with others

  4. You want to be part of a focused team whose singular goal is to lead our communities to the ultimate vision of meeting those who are dying, where they are at, and supporting an end of life experience of their choice

The Role of an HHA Leader

  • Participate in the setting of strategic goals (nationally) and objectives to meet milestones (community by community)

  • Plans and implementation for the securing of volunteers to meeting objectives both in the areas of operational development, community partnerships and delivering care

  • Ensure fellow leadership members are knowledgeable about your area of leadership which builds collaboration and helps with problem solving

  • Mentor and strengthen the skills and engagement of all those who are associated with your project / area of focus

  • Never lose sight of those, in our community, waiting to be acknowledged, supported and heard

Available Opportunities 2020


Position: Leadership Chair

Locations Still Available:Greater Toronto Area, Hamilton / Halton


Position: Secretary / Scribe

Congratulations and Welcome to Pam Keetch filling this leadership role on our National Board

Locations Still Available: Greater Toronto Area; Niagara Region; Waterloo / Wellington


Position:  Volunteer Engagement Organizer

Locations Still Available: Greater Toronto Area; National Board; Waterloo / Wellington


Position: Chair Moonlit Memory Walk

Learn more about the Moonlit Memory Walk

Locations Still Available: Greater Toronto Area; National Board; Niagara Region; Hamilton / Halton; Waterloo / Wellington

Position: Chair Community Education

Learn more about Community Education and Death Cafes

Meet Kayla Moryoussef Program Manager for The Bello Project

Locations Still Available: Greater Toronto Area; Niagara Region; Hamilton / Halton; Ottawa (National Capital Region); Waterloo / Wellington

Position: Chair The Bello Project

Learn more about The Bello Project

Meet Pam Keetch Program Manager for The Bello Project

Congratulations and Welcome to Jan Glancy filling this leadership role at our Hamilton / Halton Chapter

Locations Still Available:Greater Toronto Area; Niagara Region; Waterloo / Wellington

Position: Chair Pre & Perinatal Hospice

Learn More About Pre & Perinatal Hospice

Congratulations and Welcome to Melissa Sulley filling this leadership role at our Hamilton / Halton Chapter

Locations Still Available: Greater Toronto Area; Niagara Region; Waterloo / Wellington; Ottawa (National Capital Region)

Position: Chair Death Doula Development

Congratulations and Welcome to Kim Griffin filling this leadership role at our Hamilton / Halton Chapter

Locations Still Available: Greater Toronto Area; Niagara Region; Waterloo / Wellington; Ottawa (National Capital Region)

Next Steps:


Submit letter of inquiry / intent to highlighting

  • Your interest in end of life care and or charitable work

  • Why you feel drawn to such a leadership role within an organization that cares for the dying and those who love them (including their pet)

  • What you feel you would strive to give to HHA

  • What you hope HHA would be able to give to you in return


Thank you for helping to grow our village!

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