Blair Benner                                             

  • Board Director

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My journey with Home Hospice Association truly began when I took the Death Doula Training and Certificate Program a year ago. After the training weekend and after experiencing and working through a personal loss with my husband, I truly realized that I wanted to do more to give back to my community. HHA became a momentary escape from life where I could submerge myself into what others were dealing with. This organization gives me an opportunity to connect with people from all walks of life.


As a volunteer I feel like my cup is always overflowing- I have gained a unique worldview and life perspective because HHA forces you to always remember that you do not know someone else’s story. Living my life and viewing the world in this way has opened my eyes to so many things I was simply unable to see before. No matter how difficult my situation there are always others going through much worse. It is not a contest…It is just life. I am grateful for the opportunity HHA has given me and continues to give me to share whatever I can, with whoever is in need– even if that means simply lending an ear… because I have two!


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