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Groups within the community can make a significant impact in HHA’s ability to deliver care, in partnership, to the residents that make up their customers, clients and suppliers.  Any business owner, business club or service club can actively participate in helping hospice in their respective communities.  Take the time to consider what service you may be able to offer as an “in-kind” donation or at a discount from a retail price.  Are you able to host an event to raise awareness or arrange for a guest speaker to talk about community hospice?  Perhaps you can work on a project that both fits within your industry or frame of professional reference and helps to build or jumpstart a new service. 


Funeral Homes:  HHA is working to build relationships with funeral homes to facilitate the gifting of handmade burial outfits for a baby who has been still born.  The awareness this gift brings is designed to start the conversations about how those, in the funeral business, may wish to work with HHA on the Birthing Room & Still Born Midwifery program.  Link to Birthing Room & Still Born Midwifery in Services  These relationships support the long term goal to raise money to design and organize the building of a birthing room in a residential hospice or to assist in the education of Midwives in the delivery of a still born child.  HHA’s In Memoriam Program is also best served through our partnering funeral homes and as well as Social Capital  Link to Social Capital in Advocacy efforts to help calm the fear of death.


Home Organizers & Re-Staging Experts:  While almost every terminally ill person wishes to die at home, there are many things that need to be considerd for the care of their family members after the death has occurred.  Most homes have turned their dining rooms or living rooms into a hospital room, at some point along the journey.  The energy of sickness has been a constant for quite some time.  To add the energy of the dying journey, can cause some families to feel they are not equipped to grant the wish of their loved one.  Building relationships with professionals in the art of turning a house into a home is the perfect solution for those families who will need to turn make their home a home again. 


Bed & Breakfast Owners:  Working under the mandate care under any roof means that Home Hospice Association needs to be able to meet the needs of those who may want to die in home; but not necessarily their home.  Or for those whose home is simply not conducive to an end of life journey. Building relationships with owners of Bed & Breakfasts in the communities HHA works in, helps find a solution to this challenge. 


Pet Specific:  The Bello Project is one of the most unique programs to Home Hospice Association and one that requires a large team of business and professional partnerships.  Those who are in the pet care business and can assist in the areas of pet cleaning, pet sitting, transport of pets and vet services.






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