Creating Awareness and Normalizing 

Death for Youth

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“Mom, why can’t I come to the Death Café? Why can't I join a conversation about death? I want to talk about it, too."  Daughter of a Death Café participate in 2017 


And so began the journey to develop the pilot project known today as C.A.N.D.Y.

(Creating Awareness and Normalizing Death for Youth) Café.


As adults, we know that death is part of life. By the time we reach adulthood, we most likely have experienced a death of some kind, whether a family member, friend, or pet. How we were able to cope with that death was impacted by many factors, such as how we were supported through the experience, especially if we were children. Often times, parents find it difficult to talk to their children about dying and death, and usually approach the topic only after experiencing a death.  Parents wonder what words to use, how to explain what death is, and how to navigate the process while parent and child are grieving. When children grow up without a healthy understanding of death and grieving, mental health issues may occur. We believe in talking about dying, death and grief as part of life, and creating a knowledgeable, compassionate death-positive society, starting with our youth.


We believe that the lack of death education for children is something that needs to be addressed and we have taken inspiration from the Adult Death Café Model; a platform for adults to come together in a safe and non-judgmental space to discuss their thoughts, feelings, fears, questions and experiences about dying and death is the best way to do so.


As with all Home Hospice Association work, C.A.N.D.Y. Café is beginning as a pilot project that will now be entering into beta test in September 2019.  Two communities (Burlington and Cambridge) have been chosen.  These two events will test our efforts to date and ensure the C.A.N.D.Y. Café program meets the stated goals of:


  1. Exploring why it’s important to talk about dying, death, and grief

  2. Creating a space that makes participants feel safe enough to share some thoughts and feelings about dying, death, and grief verbally, in writing, or both

  3. Exploring why the adults in our participant’s life might not be comfortable talking about dying, death, and grief, with them.

  4. Ensuring participants feel more comfortable talking about dying, death, and grief with peers.

  5. Ensuring participants feel more comfortable talking about dying, death, and grief with the adults in their life.

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