Care of Others begins with Care of Self

Have you heard of the oxygen mask theory?  


The Theory In Practice...

Kora's Tips:

  • Get a few minutes of fresh air – sometimes I sit at my desk and indulge myself in so much work, that when I’m finished or in the middle of some stressful stuff, I start to get warm and feel overwhelmed. I find that getting some fresh air helps cool and calm me down so I’ll go stand outside or sit by an open window for a few minutes.  


  • Do a “Spring Clean” - When I feel stressed and can’t focus or need something to move me from bed, I’ll get up and tidy what I feel needs to be tidied.  


  • Wash your face and Brush your teeth – this one might seem a little silly if it’s 4 pm because it’s something you do when you wake up and go to bed. I find this helps in the middle of the day when I’m feeling tired or too stressed. It’s like starting new and I’ll be able to think and do my work after a short break 

The Theory In Practice...


Alyza's Tip is a Good Night's Sleep​ and how meditation may make this happen

Sometimes, the hardest part of the day is when you wake up and go to sleep.  And sometimes, It’s the mind set you wake up to or go to sleep to, that determines your peace, your life and how much care, you give for yourself.  I NEVER believed in mediation and I do not know much about it, I only thought you just sit in a very uncomfortable position in the middle of the afternoon, in a class, for hours.  But when you are still awake in the middle of the night, and you are losing control over your thoughts and emotions, laying down and hearing someone else's voice, other than the voices in your head, peacefully for hours, might actually, turn out to be a good thing.  

The Theory In Practice...


Tracey’s Self Care Ideas: 

Journaling - “I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.”  
― Anne Frank  

Finding  just the right book can be as wonderfully “self-care” as when you open it and put pen to paper for the first time.&