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Caregivers Death Cafe

April 3, 2023

October 18, 2023 

@ 7 pm EST

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Leading the national community in the facilitation of Death Cafes, Home Hospice Association is committed to this important community outreach. HHA Death Cafes meet the important organizational mission to normalize death.

The Caregivers Death Cafe is for anyone who is currently, or who has ever been, in a caregiving role in their life. As we know, this can often greatly impact one's relationship with their own mortality, dying and death at-large, grief, and loss.

Meet your facilitator: Cari Ferguson of Strong Winds Consulting

Cari Ferguson HHA Death Cafe Facilitator

Cari is a death and grief educator. She is HHA's Communications Manager & Death Education Coordinator. She is also the Candidate Advisor for the Death Doula and Infant and Pregnancy Loss Doula training programs. You can learn more about Cari at

Having grown up in a household with disability, Cari knows firsthand that injury and illness often have a radiating impact that extends beyond the individual directly affected. She also understands that those who care for, live with, and/or love and support individuals with disabilities, chronic illness, and chronic pain have their own unique experiences, thoughts, and feelings around mortality and loss. HHA’s Caregivers Death Café has been created to hold space specifically for these experiences.

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