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HHA's Changemaker of the Month
Kayla Moryoussef (April 2018)

How do you feel your work in what you are doing with HHA is having an impact in your community or all the communities HHA serves?

I am a passionate advocate for the possibility and power of a ‘good death’ and the importance of access to palliative/end-of-life rights and choices, especially the choice/right to die at home. I feel so hopeful about the work I do with HHA, as I believe it is impacting all of the communities Home Hospice Association serves. I am so grateful to contribute in this way, and to see the effects of my contributions in action.


What fills you with joy and how do you feel you bring joy to HHA?

Everything. Everything fills me with joy. I feel like a little kid sometimes, still in awe of the world. People fill me with the greatest joy; I lo