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HHA's Changemaker of the Month
Merri-Lee Agar (July 2018)

Merri-Lee became passionate about hospice palliative care when her mother was able to spend the last weeks of her life at the comfort of her home surrounded by loved ones. Answering this calling she started volunteering at hospices in 2012. Now she is a Death Doula, Bereavement Specialist and Reiki Master/Teacher and she’s been part of HHA’s family for 3,5 years.


Merri-Lee believes that a smile can warm the heart and it helps to bring people back into this moment. Love fills her with joy, between others, specially the love for her daughter and her 19-year-old cat.


She hopes that her work will help people to have better access to the care they need and want.


Tell us about yourself and what is important to you; when it comes to HHA; what is your why?


I have always been a ‘quality over quantity’ kind of girl; I would rather have

one great experience than a handful of good ones. Because of that, ‘quality

of life’ has always resonated with me, but it wasn’t until I companioned my

mother on her dying journey in 2010 that I was made aware that there was

such a thing as ‘quality of death’. My mum wanted to die at home, in her

own bed, surrounded by everything and everyone familiar, and we were

fortunate to be able to facilitate that for her. Her last 3 days were spent with

her nearest and dearest family and friends coming to share memories,

laughter and love, and her last moments were spent with my