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HHA's Changemaker of the Month
Pam Keetch (June 2018)

Pamela is a dog lover that got to know the Home Hospice Association by reading about The Bello Project; now she is a big part of the family by championing HHA in Ottawa.


Pam has been through a home hospice care experience with her father, and she imagines how much easier it would have been if HHA programs where available at that time. With that in mind, she expects to make a difference in her community by volunteering and helping HHA to reach those who need assistance.


Spoiling her dogs and enjoying the simple pleasures of life is very important for her.


Tell us about yourself and what is important to you, when it comes to HHA, and why?


I am a recent retiree, live in Ottawa, and share my home with my three very spoiled dogs.  Living well and doing my part to help others are very important goals in my life.  I contacted and joined HHA in 2017 after reading about The Bello Project online. 

My pets are a huge source of love and companionship for me.  I feel that helping terminally ill patients to keep their pets with them during their illness is so important; I would only hope that this sort of program would be available to me when needed. 

My father was blessed to be a