IPLD Scholarship Program:  One in Four.  That is the number of women who hear the words ‘you are pregnant” will not have a pregnancy that results in a live birth. It is a staggering number and the single reason why HHA decided at “at any age” must include those who die in utero or shortly after birth.  Our program Pre and Perinatal Hospice requires the engagement of professional Infant & Pregnancy Loss Doulas and this is where the scholarship program becomes so very important!  A scholarship needs two important things: 1) people who want to receive the funds to take the training and 2) money to fund their training.  The goal of this project is to deliver both and will require a small team of three to five people who will each take on a role; research to understand what makes a scholarship successful; build the criteria for the scholarship; marketing content development for the website and a social media campaign; fundraising campaign to raise money for the scholarship.  Visit the Page that you will help to grow.

Cultural and Sensitivity Training: Home Hospice Associations states the “culturally sensitive human connection” is the hallmark of care we help deliver to communities. To meet this hallmark we must build a set of training modules to give full cultural awareness and understanding of the impact of cultural differences and the opportunity to enhance cultural sensitivity and competence.

Self Care Workshop for Professional Caregivers and Gearing to RVT’s:  A unique way to combine a love of animals and your knowledge of the Oxygen Mask Theory.  (Oxygen Mask Theory – we are told when getting ready to take off in an airplane that should there be an emergency and oxygen is required, we must put our own mask on before helping others).  This project will require you to work with a team of HHA members and Registered Veterinarian Technicians.  The goal is to create a workshop that speaks specifically to the stressful role of working in a Vet Clinic especially when animal “patients” are lost.  While self-care does not change drastically from caregiver to caregiver how it is presented can be the difference between someone receiving the knowledge putting it into practice.  Building this workshop will require you to creatively collaborate with your team members, come up with a engaging presentation and build a small target marketing campaign to reach our potential attendees.

Research Project:  Working in collaboration with our Training and Development Team this project has one very important goal: Ensure those in our communities who need our Compassionate Caregiving Training receive it.  The way win which we do this is by building key relationships with qualified agencies, organizations, cultural and faith communities to allow for them to use our intellectual property customized to their specific needs.  If you chose to work on this project you will be able to determine which part of the project you are most interested in:  a) research and database building; b) CRM development; c) survey development and implementation d) report building e) marketing and communications plan.  Each role will play a critical role in the delivery of specialized training to our partnering agencies.

Peer Support Training Onboarding:  This would be a great project for anyone who is either pursuing a career in Social Work or Community Service Work.  HHA has built a new training program for those of our volunteers who would like to become peer support for those needing a compassionate ear along their grief journey.  As a person working on this project you will have an opportunity to develop the pre and post training interview questions, conduct them with your assigned volunteers.  The extra opportunity will be to be able follow them through their training and assist in their complete onboarding including the marking of their assignment / quiz.

Client & Community Care Team

Goal:  Doing this work connects you to community and to our mission  because you are encouraging quality of life, comfort and peace for for the dying (and those who love them).  Fulfilment; Compassion; all the bases are covered; This is a complex role that deserves special recognition for the wholeness of the task.  Satisfaction of creating a wholeness that gives recognition and power to those who are at their most vulnerable.  

Team Objectives

Under This Team’s Leadership

  1. Compassionate Caregiving Online Training

  2. Death Doula Certification

  3. Programs and Program Managers

  4. Pilot Projects

  5. Chapter Engagement

  6. Many Faces of Compassion

  7. RVT Mentors

  8. Key Note Presentations

  9. CANDY Cafe

Primary Collaborator 

  1. Death Cafes

  2. Grants

  3. Professional Development Training

  4. Leadership Recruitment Chapters and Boards

  5. Onsite Armies (CC & Operations)

  6. IPLD Workshops

  7. Supporting National Board of Directors


  1. IPLD Scholarship

  2. Volunteer Recruitment

  3. Speciality Training

  4. Pawcasso’s Studio

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