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Client & Community Care Team

Tattooed Wrists

Goal:  Doing this work connects you to community and to our mission  because you are encouraging quality of life, comfort and peace for for the dying (and those who love them).  Fulfilment; Compassion; all the bases are covered; This is a complex role that deserves special recognition for the wholeness of the task.  Satisfaction of creating a wholeness that gives recognition and power to those who are at their most vulnerable.  

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Under This Team’s Leadership

  1.  Peer Support Volunteer Onboarding

  2. Establish the Role of Client & Community Care

  3. Death Doula Certification

  4. Programs and Program Managers

  5. Pilot Projects

  6. Agency Partnership Relationship Development 

  7. Many Faces of Compassion

  8. RVT Mentors