Community Care Teams


The definition of community explains and identifies how and where Home Hospice Association seeks to develop relationships with the broadest audiences. 


Church Communities:  A community centred on common faith and common belief is one of the most powerful communities to partner with Home Hospice Association.  Every program that supports a member of their congregation, who has received a diagnosis, and those who love them, can easily and logically be offered through a church community.  Building relationships with all denominations is a priority for Home Hospice Association. 


Existing Hospice Associations:  You believe access to free hospice care is a basic a human right as access to free clean drinking water.  We believe that the ability to deliver hospice programs along the entire journey, for as long as that journey may be, is the most important commitment any organization can make.  Perhaps you need more hands and more energy…Home Hospice Association wants to help.  Maybe you are wanting to try a different method to a traditional program such as Day Hospice or want to adopt some of the most inventive – leading edge programs such as Pediatric Palliative Respite or Birthing Room & Still Born Midwifery. HHA is ready to roll up their proverbial sleeves and get to work to bring more care, more awareness and more funds to your current association.

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