Compassionate Caregiving Facts

What: Empower, educate and support those who caring for someone walking their dying journey.


Who: As many as 1 Million People Per year; Statistics tell us that for every person living with a life threatening illness, at least five other people intimately affected.


Why: The oxygen mask theory reminds us that we can not take care of others unless we find some time to take care of ourselves.  


Details of Service

  • Presents isolation of caregivers within the three categories (familial, volunteer and professional)​

  • Provides ways to create cohesiveness and supports each role for the best care of the dying person

  • Addressing cultural influences on caregiving and  building solutions to cross cultural issues that caregivers may face

  • Practical support including telephone peer support and self-care resources

  • Identification of caregiver distress and how to support

  • Brings grief and bereavement support, early, into the journey of the familial caregiver

  • Helps to reduce caregiver burnout and empathy fatigue

  • Helps to mitigate stress related work absenteeism

Day Respite for the Primary Caregiver


The oxygen mask theory reminds us that we can not take care of others unless we find some time to take care of ourserlves.  Whether you take one hour or one day for yourself, our Day Respite Care will ensure your loved one is safe and comfortable


Not for Me Days


How many hats would you need to wear if you were caring for a friend of family member walking the journey of a life threatening illness? Whether it is help in the home, help dealing with an endless schedule of medical appointments or help by always be "up" "positive" "motivated"; caring for others is exhausting! Home Hospice Association being on the leading edge of care in this community, wanted to put together a day for caregivers to just "get away" day that would be all about them - time to steal away and have some fun - and do some great "self care".


The only challenge with this idea is that, we are also caregivers and we know exactly how we react when someone asks what are you doing to take care of YOU?? The answer is always - Me??? Oh I'm Fine! (but thanks for asking!), I really don’t need anything.  So the chances of any of us attending an all about me day ... well were slim to none! But still the idea would not go away! So we started to think about ... hmm what if we came up with a day that would help caregivers take better care of their loved ones...what if we taught techniques, strategies and ways to bring comfort and care to those we are caring for? And what if we did it by hands on demonstrations -allowed everyone to experience the techniques they were going to be able to use... and what if we called the day.. NOT For Me - Day!!





Our Compassionate Caregiving Online Training Program is available for anyone who aspires to make a difference in the lives of someone with a terminal illness.