Compassionate Caregiving 

Promoting mindful self-compassion along the caregiving journey

  • Unpaid (familial) Caregivers represent a $4 billion per year cost savings to Canada's health care system

  • As many as 1 million people per year. Statistics tell us that for every person living with a life threatening illness, at least 5 other people are intimately affected

The Compassionate Caregiving Program, helps empower, educate and support those who are caring for someone walking their dying journey.

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How many hats would you wear if  you were caring for a friend of family member walking the journey of a life threatening illness? The oxygen mask theory reminds us of that we cannot take care of others unless we find some time to take care of ourselves. Whether it is in the home in the home, help dealing with an endless schedule of medical appointments or help to always be "up" "positive" "motivated" ; caring for others is exhausted! Home Hospice Association is there.


Services Offered

  • Presents isolation of caregivers within the three categories (familial, volunteer and professional)

  • Provides way to create cohesiveness and supports each role for the best of care of the dying person

  • Addressing cultural differences on caregiving and building solutions to cross cultural issues that caregivers may face

  • Practical support including telephone peer support and self care resources

  • Identification of distress and how to support

  • Helps to reduce caregiver burnout and empathy fatigue

  • Helps to mitigate stress related work absenteeism 

How You Can Help

  • Many faces of Compassion:  an education event aiming to provide valuable information and resources for volunteers, family and professional caregivers supporting someone with a life threatening illness.

  • Help organize Not for me days:  HHA wanted to put together a day for caregivers to just "get away" a day that would be all about them.

  • As a member of a Compassionate Caregiving Project Planning/Working team: your expertise can help us with a project; we can add skills and valuable content to your resume 

  • Help financially support our important work in the community

  • In kind donations or sponsorship: Donations to Many of Faces Compassion group, through cash sponsorship or items that will help charging a large price for registration fees