A loss like no other
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Whether you’ve lost your baby through miscarriage, termination, stillbirth, infant death or adoption, our peer-led support group welcomes you to come and share your grief journey with others on a similar journey. During our 6-week program, together we will explore grief, share grief experiences, and learn about healthy grieving practices.

Goal of Program: Our Babies – Our Grief provides a safe, open, caring space where you can honor the memory of your child and come together with others who are also grieving  in a community of support to help and heal   together knowing that you are not alone.

Delivery of Program: Currently the program is conducted online via Zoom, to make it accessible to all and  to protect the privacy of the group members. A link will be provided after registration.

Format of Program: 90-minute group sessions held one evening a week for 6 weeks.

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Our Babies, Our Grief Progressive Healing Group is peer-led.  By bringing people together in this manner, we provide the opportunity for participants to tap into their wisdom, learn from each other and explore their grief with freedom and creativity.  

While we recognize that there is an important time and place for professional groups and support, we believe that our peer-led healing group can provide a unique and much-needed type of support while leading to community building among parents.  


We understand that while participants may be at different stages of their grief; they often grieve the loss of their babies in silence, alone. We provide a space where grieving parents can come together to share their experiences, while learning about helpful concepts, truths, and grief myths so that they can fully engage with their grief for a journey of self-care and acceptance.

Tracy Curtis

New Brunswick

Tracy Curtis is from our New Brunswick Chapter

Heather Mc Dowell

SW Ontario

Heather Mc Dowell is from our SW Ontario Chapter

Jen Gillean is from Ottawa


Jenn Gillian is from our Ottawa (National Capital Region) Chapter

Cari Ferguson


Cari Ferguson is from our GTA Chapter

Home Hospice Association and its Chapter partners facilitate this six-week progressive healing group, free for participants, providing a unique and vital form of support while building community among parents grieving a loss.


Our Facilitators are part of our Infant & Pregnancy Loss Doula Community and actively support the

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