Many Faces
of Compassion

Many Faces of Compassion is a monthly virtual speaker spotlight series, providing information and resources for volunteers, family members and professional caregivers supporting someone with a life-threatening illness.  During these events we take a deeper dive into issues and challenges facing the caregiver community, discuss ways to be more empathetic, sympathetic and compassionate toward fellow caregivers and those we love and support, and learn the importance self compassion and care plays in a holistic approach to caregiving.  

This year’s theme “Walking In Each Other’s Shoes” encourages that no one should feel alone.

Compassion is the fabric that holds communities and families together. It motivates and challenges us to see each other in ourselves, “to suffer together” and soothe the physical, mental or emotional pains. Without compassion, we would be living in isolation and on the edge.


Now more than ever, we need compassionate people and communities in the World.

We need to “Walk in Each Other’s Shoes.”

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Virtual workshop, every 3rd Thursday of the month, starting at 7:00pm


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