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Event Coordination


Think Outside the Box Every Day: Look to the world for the best examples of “living life in the face of death” and work with your entire Home Hospice national community to continue to draw that circle of compassion and dignity wider and wider. You will use this inspiring and “bleeding edge” environment to find projects that can generate funds and awareness while ensuring the image and brand of HHA and it’s Chapters are always represented in the most professional and consistent manner.

Choosing a Project

HHA has built a project based approach to our marketing (brand awareness).  There are two projects that those interested in growing their marketing experience has a chance to chose between the two.

Choose an Event:  

  • Professional Development Training

  • Compassionate Caregiving Online Training

  • Moonlit Memory Walk

  • Pawcasso’s Studio

  • Death Cafes

  • Third Party Events

  • Pilot Projects

  • CANDY Cafes

  • Infant & Pregnancy Loss Scholarship

  • Key Note Presentations

  • Many Faces of Compassion

Choose a Job Description: 

  • Logistics

  • Onsite Volunteer Recruitment and Management

  • Sponsorship

  • Marketing

  • Guest Experience

  • In Kind Donations

Should you decide to continue,  you would be part of the Fund Development Team

Under This Team’s Leadership

  1. IPLD Scholarship

  2. Capital Campaign

  3. Moonlit Memory Walk

  4. Grants

  5. Pawcasso’s Studio

  6. IPLD Workshops

Primary Collaborator 

  1. Compassionate Caregiving Online Training

  2. Chapter Engagement

  3. Key Note Presentations


  1. Pilot Projects

  2. Professional Development Training

  3. Speciality Training

  4. Newsletter

  5. Many Faces of Compassion

  6. CANDY Café

  7. Supporting National Board of Directors