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Rosana Bak HHA Board Member
Rosanna Bak

Rosanna has over 30 years’ experience in administrative support and has lived in the Halton and Hamilton-Wentworth regions for over 40 years.  In the last 15 years Rosanna has embraced spirituality and has learned such modalities as Reiki, Meditation and Dreamwork.  She is a Master Reiki and obtained her teaching certificate in meditation and dreamwork through Atlantic University, in Virginia Beach and also obtained certification in Spiritual Guidance Mentor Training.  She is furthering her education through Ontario Jubilee by having completed the first-year program as a Spiritual Director (Companion) and is enrolled in the second-year program.  While working through her first year of spiritual direction, Rosanna felt draw to understanding the role of a Death Doula which led her to enroll in the Home Hospice Association (“HHA”) Death Doula program.  The experience has given her a deep appreciation for how end of life doulas can empower and assist families in making decisions during a time when compassion, support and direction are needed. Journeying to the next life with the support of family and community can offer a sense of deep peace for everyone.