Moving Meditation
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February 18, 2021 - 7:00 pm EST

When you think of meditation what do you think of? Are you lying stationary or sitting down with your eyes closed, trying to empty your mind?  Did you know there are other ways to meditate.  What if meditation could be incorporated into your every-day life while not interfering with your daily activities. 

Moving Meditation is the practice of mindfulness while moving or performing an activity.  More common forms include yoga, tai chi or even simply walking!  It is a simple “step” into developing a deeper sense for self-compassion and care.  

Moving Meditation is extremely helpful in reducing anxiety and stress.  It enables us to give more to ourselves because we have taken care of ourselves.  Self-compassion and care is needed more than ever!  

Join us for a deeper look into the importance of moving meditation, discover different types of moving meditations including the benefits of labyrinths, the positive effects moving meditation can have on your mental and physical health, and simple ways you can start to show yourself more compassion and care through guided meditation.  

Meet Your Workshop Presenter Matthew Kron

Matthew Kron is an HHA Death Doula candidate in the Guelph area who draws energy from creating sacred spaces involving the labyrinth. 

He sees the labyrinth as a place of connection to a place inside yourself where you are free from the stresses of daily life.  The labyrinths he has created have provided relief and release for many who have walked their paths.

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Many Faces of Compassion is a monthly virtual speaker spotlight series, which invites experts and thought leaders from every field to inform us on how to become more empathetic, sympathetic and compassionate toward our communities, ourselves, and those we love and support.  Initially created to support professional caregivers, the Series has evolved into a workshop that provides a deeper discussion into issues communities and all of us face and struggle with every day. 


This year’s theme “Walking In Each Other’s Shoes” encourages that no one should feel alone. Compassion is the fabric that holds communities and families together. It motivates and challenges us to see each other in ourselves, “to suffer together” and soothe the physical, mental or emotional pains. Without compassion, we would be living in isolation, on the edge and brink of emotional mental and physical violence against each other. Now more than ever, we need compassionate people, communities in the World.

We need to “Walk in Each Other’s Shoes.”

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