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Coming in 2019!
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With more and more people choosing to die at home, a Home Funeral can be a beautiful option.

Home death can be a very intimate experience for the dying and their loved ones, and a Home Funeral can be a meaningful extension of that. Many don't realize that Home Funerals are legal in Ontario and can provide family with the opportunity to bathe and dress their loved ones body, to perform rituals and to be in a familiar and comforting place for family, friends and community to visit and pay respects.

In this one day Home Funeral Workshop you will learn:

  • What happens after death

  • Legal requirements 

  • Transporting remains

  • Embalming...myth busting the good the bad and the ugly.

  • Disposition options: burial, green burial,  cremation, alkaline hydrolysis

  • Achieving home funeral on your own

  • Home funerals with the support of funeral professionals. As much or as little as you need

Why Home Hospice Association chose to build this Workshop

Glen Burkholder is a 30 year Funeral Director who takes pride in supporting families, educating them on their options and providing them with the service he would want for his own loved ones. Glen has witnessed first hand the changing funeral industry over the past three decades and sees Home Funerals as yet another option that can bring peace and comfort to some families. He feels strongly that do be able to provide this service properly to people in their homes, people must know the practical aspects of what happens to a body after death. This workshop combines Glen's skills, knowledge and experience with those of Merri-Lee Agar.   

Merri-Lee is a Death Doula who supports the dying in the comfort and familiarity of their own home. She has seen first hand how being able to provide this service

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Coming in 2019

Date and Location To Be Announced


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Burkholder, Glen
Burkholder, Glen
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Payment Details


Training fee is $250.

Payment can be made as follows:

  • $50 deposit is due with this registration form to secure your spot.
    You can e-transfer to info@homehospiceassociation.com

  • $200 balance is due 30 days prior to your training workshop. 

If you prefer to pay by cheque please make cheque payable to Home Hospice Association and mail to Home Hospice Association, #3802 - 2220 Lake Shore Blvd. W., Toronto, ON M8V 0C1

Payment is required in full no later than 30 days prior to your training workship. No seat will be held without deposit. Registration fees and deposits are non-refundable.


NOTE: if you register and are unable to attend you may apply any fees paid to a future date provided you inform us of your need to transfer to another date 45 days in advance.