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Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate Sponsorship ~ The Business Case:  Stress related work absenteeism costs companies millions of dollars every year.  And while, not all employee stress can be attributed to a terminally ill loved one, few could argue that it is a large contributor.  Home Hospice Association cannot fill in for employees at work but our community teams can fill in for your employees at home when you need them.  Imagine how much more productive they will be when they know their loved one is not alone during those times when they simply cannot be there.  Imagine how appreciative they will be to know how much you cared to make sure care was available, even before they knew they needed it!


Key members of the business community who are deeply committed to supporting the basic fabric of our society, rooted in the tenant that death is a natural part of life: These businesses are excited about being involved in and supporting pioneering / ground breaking work that plays a pivotal role in building, enriching and defining our nation.  Each will see how equipping the communities, in which their employees and customers work and live, with the tools to support each other at end of life, actually improves quality of life.


Cash or In-Kind Donations: It is the single most common donation avenue for anyone or any business, regardless of size, to participate in.  We understand the need for program specific fundraising and as such, our annual budgeting system involves creating an extensive number of “line items” that are best achieved through an in-kind donation.  Consider how you may be able to support with Human Resource Investment (volunteerism) to offset costs associated with program delivery; Equipment and supplies for programs; Operating expenses such as rent and professional services; Needs for fundraising activities; Catering and food supplies.


Event Sponsorship: Ascertaining which event target audience is most in line with your business target audience is always the first step in choosing to become an event sponsor. Home Hospice Association is responsible for two major events per year; Canapes, Cocktails & Characters and Moonlit Memory Walk.


In Office Fundraising:  Whether it be a book sale or a workplace silent auction, engaging your staff in helping with your efforts to support their loved ones, is a great definition of Team Work.


We would be happy to meet with you to discuss our complete sponsorship program.  Contact Tracey at to discuss a meeting date.