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Put Your Creativity to Work


Power Point Creation:  We use power point to assist in our educational activities.  When it is for public, community or professional education the power points need to be impactful and serve as the perfect back drop for the presentation.  When we use power point for our online training programs it needs to be a balance of information and impact.  These power points are converted into videos (most often) and so attention to detail is also very important.  If this is a project you would be interested in, we would work collaboratively on the content and you would apply your knowledge or interest in presentation creation to bring this project to a successful conclusion.

Video Editing:  There is an important video project that we have found ourselves “stuck” in and that is a culturally diverse “Bill of Rights of the Dying”. We have great footage and we need help from those who have this interest or expertise to complete the video. 

Video Production:  We recognize that the trend in exceptional web development and online branding is to move away from the written word and more towards live, engaging and compelling video communication.  HHA has a few very specific needs when it comes to video production.   We have a vision for a home page video that shows the full story of the HHA way.  We have a need to create “fireside chats” that can enhance pages of our site and our online training programs.  And finally we need to make a full production plan that will allow us, when this time has passed, to shoot video footage to complete our Compassionate Caregiving Online Training with instructional videos that speak specifically to the work we do.

Document Design & Formatting:  Education is one of our key missions.  Filling gaps requires experienced professional and volunteer caregivers.  Training these individuals specifically calls for creativity in the design and formatting of our training manuals and resource documents.  This will be a great project for those who have an eye for detail and is able to add creativity to word documents for impact and engagement.  

Document Editing:  Great ideas flow quickly and often this results in minor errors in spelling and grammar.  Whether you are interested in editing larger documents such as resource manuals or smaller projects such as the pages of this website, there is a great deal of support, greatly appreciated, for those how have this unique and important talent.