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Current Opportunities

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Compassionate Caregivers: With your life and/or professional experience and a desire to help others you can take the first steps today to draw our circle of care wider within your community. 
Event Design, Planning & Logistics:  Volunteer your creativity and/or organizational skills helping with fundraising and volunteer recognition events as you gain valuable experience in team building and project management.
Resume Building and Marketable Skills:  Home Hospice Association is on the leading edge, providing win / win results for those wishing to develop skills and experience in an area of interest while helping us accomplish the work we are called to do in our communities.  Whether an unpaid internship required for completion of post-secondary education, community work to complete a high school diploma, or experiential learning for career development, we have been the volunteer opportunity chosen by more than 100 individuals to establish or grow their career.  The experience and solid results gained are recognized as valuable assets by potential employers while providing the volunteer with the satisfaction of helping us help others.
Activity Army: Do you have a special talent or skill you would like to offer to our clients, community partners and chapters?  Whether you have a few hours or a few days to work on specific projects we have some great ideas and ways to put your hobbies, interests or ideas to work!