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Death Doula Progressive Learning Program

About the program

The Death Doula Progressive Learning Program offered by Home Hospice Association is tailored to provide ongoing education and support for death doulas seeking to enhance the theoretical understanding acquired from prior training with other organizations or institutions.


Through a structured emphasis on practice workshops, case studies, outreach assignments and role-play scenarios, this program offers a dynamic, hands-on continuation of death doula education and training. Participants will have the chance to bridge theory with real-life situations, thereby enriching their practical skills and knowledge.

Training Fee:



Paid by e-transfer to

Payment in full is required to begin the Certificate Program.

As soon as we receive your registration fee, you'll get access to learning materials and events, including role play nights, guest speakers, and other invitation-only networking and educational sessions.

Please Note: Registration fees are non-refundable.

Included with your Fee:
  • Online Independent Learning Modules in Google Classroom - learn at your own pace!

  • Online independent projects and assignments in Google Classroom

  • HHA Death Doula Community Engagement


  • Monthly Guest Speakers

  • Role-play Nights

  • "What Would You Do?" Nights

  • Practical Experience

The Progressive Learning Advantage

We're not just another training program, we're your partner in success - and, together, we can build a movement that ensures nobody dies alone. 


At HHA, we don't stop at providing comprehensive training; we actively support our Death Doulas in building their practice and finding clients. Through our community networks and agency partnerships, we connect our Death Doulas with opportunities and resources to thrive in their careers.


Join us in making a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals and families facing the end of life. With HHA, you're not just a Death Doula, you're an essential part of a movement towards compassionate care for all.

Program Requirements

All Death Doula Practical Application course requirements can be completed online at your own pace in Google Classrooms.

Compassionate Caregiving

  7 modules, including topics such as:

Spiritual Care at End-of-Life
     Ethics in Hospice Palliative Care
     The Role of a Caregiver

Independent Studies

4 mandatory modules with some optional modules, including topics such as:

Community Resources
     MAiD (Medical Assistance in Dying)
     How to Talk to Youth About Dying and Death

Death Doula Projects & Assignments

Projects & assignments, including topics such as:

Case Studies
     Practical Experience
     Community Engagement


Why choose Home Hospice Association?

Our Death Doula trainings were created - and are continuously being updated - by a team of experts who share a common passion for educating and bringing comprehensive knowledge and practical perspectives to end-of-life care.


We are committed to making the professional death doula part of every palliative care team, and this program allows you to become part of a dedicated community that provides on-going support as you build your skills and practice.

To date, we have trained hundreds of Death Doulas who provide services across Canada. 

If you have any additional questions about the Death Doula Progressive Learning Program, please email 

Cari Ferguson at

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