Death Cafés are open forum dialogues about death and dying, with no agenda otherwise. The aim is to bring strangers together to engage in dialogue about the last great taboo, in hopes that they will extend this dialogue to their friends, families, and communities.


A belief that dying and death are a part of life to avoid until they can no longer be avoided. Home Hospice Association is proud to be part of the International Death Cafe Movement. HHA runs in person and virtual death cafes to invite conversation, explore concepts of life, dying and death. Normalizing death is a key mission for this charity.  Even during this BYOCC (bring your own cake & coffee) COVID is not standing in the way of our conversation about life and death.  

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Pet Lovers Death Cafe Home Hospice Association
Spoonie Death Cafe Home Hospice Association
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Death Cafe Ottawa Public Library Home Hospice Association
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Death Cafe Niagara Region Home Hospice Association

“Home Hospice Association invites you to join the conversation at a virtual or in-person Death Café – a safe forum to discuss and share thoughts and feelings about dying and death.”