Death Doula Practical Application Program 

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Home Hospice Association's Death Doula Practical Application Program is designed to provide realistic experiences for those who are looking to add to the theoretical knowledge gained from Death Doula training taken elsewhere. Practice Workshops and Role-play create a more hands-on approach to being a Death Doula. Learning at your own pace opens the door to the pursuit of your passion and!

Holding Hands

HHA’s Death Doula Practical Application Program equips you with practical experience and connects you to the HHA network of like-minded professionals. 

For more information about Death Doulas and their importance in end-of-life care, please click here

Death Doula Practical Application Program

Online Independent Learning

Modules, Projects and Assignments in Google Classroom

Virtual Weekly Learning Nights 

Death Doula Practice Workshops

Role Play Nights

"What Would You Do?" Nights

In-Person Role Play Events

Practicum Placement

Why Choose Home Hospice Association's Death Doula Practical Application Program

Theoretical knowledge can only take our practice "so far."

HHA is committed to making the Professional Death Doula part of every Palliative Care Team.

Our program was created by a team of subject matter experts who share a common passion for educating and empowering caregivers and palliative care workers.


Our facilitators come from diverse backgrounds and bring experiences in spiritual, death and bereavement care and are focused on educating Death Doulas on a holistic approach to the end-of-life journey.


To date, we have trained hundreds of Death Doulas who provide services across Canada. 




 Payment in full is required to begin your Death Doula Practical Application Program. Please note, deposits and tuition fees are non-refundable.

Death Doula Practical Application


“Sharing of real experiences. It is different when you are face to face with someone as they tell their stories. Yes a book is informative, but seeing the emotion in our teacher’s body language and speech just ingrains the experience to a higher level.” 


1. Compassionate Caregiving (Online in Google Classroom)

     7 modules include topics such as:

     - Spiritual Care at End of Life

     - Ethics in Hospice Palliative Care

     - The Role of a Caregiver


2. Independent Studies (Online in Google Classroom)

     4 mandatory modules with some optional modules include topics such as:

     - Community Resources

     - Leadership

     - MAiD – Medical Assistance in Dying

     - How to Talk with Kids About Dying and Death


3. Death Doula Projects & Assignments (Online in Google Classroom)

     Final classroom including topics such as:

     - Case Studies

     - Practicum Experience

     - Community Engagement

     - Optional Learning Nights

     - Death Doula Placement

For more information about Death Doulas please click here or if you have any additional questions about HHA’s Death Doula Training and Certification Program, please email Tracy Curtis.