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Volunteer Engagment Team

Our Goal: HHA is only has strong as it’s most unengaged volunteer and will only move as quickly as the most unengaged volunteer moves.  This is a well accepted philosophy in every volunteer organization and is the centre of our Volunteer Engagement Team’s goal.  The goal of this team is to grow the engagement of all volunteers to a level that meets our Mission and Vision ultimately ensuring that our dying and those who love them receive the care and compassion we are able to provide.

Team Objectives

Under This Team’s Leadership

  1. Volunteer Recruitment

  2. Newsletter

  3. Leadership Recruitment Chapters and Boards

  4. Onsite Armies (CC & Operations)

  5. Blog

  6. Supporting National Board of Directors

Primary Collaborator 

  1. Chapter Engagement

  2. Speciality Training

  3. Pawcasso’s Studio

  4. RVT Mentors


  1. Capital Campaign

  2. Compassionate Caregiving Online Training

  3. Pilot Projects

  4. Professional Development Training


Volunteer Appreciation efforts at the National and Chapter Level:  These efforts include birthday cards in the mail, birthday email for those we do not have a mailing address for, volunteer appreciation event every April for volunteer appreciation week, volunteer appreciation event one other time in the year, consistently inviting volunteers to receive their certificates at board meetings according to the details in the Volunteer Engagement Organizer Job Description.  This project will require you to have good organizational and time management skills in order to establish and maintain connection with your communities.  It would also be beneficial to have experience or a desire to grow experience in both event planning and social media content design.