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Pet Lovers Death Café

Approximately 13,209,754 people in Canada have dogs, and 14,342,018 have cats -  that’s plenty of people who are going to experience pet loss one day.  The Pet Lovers Death Café brings together the pet lover population so that the topic of pet death can be normalized and compassionately discussed through encouraging  open discourse and examination.

Talking about our experiences and feelings related to the illness and loss of a beloved pet can also be a great way to start the conversation about our own dying and death.

You might also be interested in learning about HHA's Bello Project, which provides volunteer-based, in-home pet care assistance for pets of terminally ill clients at no cost, allowing them to remain together, sharing companionship and love when it is most needed.

Learn more about HHA's Death Cafés and see all upcoming dates for this event here!

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