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Experiential Day Hospice

Because I am not my Diagnosis

Advances in research have not changed the fact that we are going to die, they have simply lengthened our journey.

Experiential Day Hospice brings together people - typically, earlier along their illness journey - for a day retreat with the focus of living fully in the moment. Whether they want to talk about their illness with people who are going through similar experiences or would rather put it on the back shelf for the day, the Experiential Day Hospice supports and respects the decisions and needs of every participant. 

About Experiential Day Hospice

When someone has received a diagnosis, it’s not uncommon for the illness to take over and become a way of life. With Experiential Day Hospice, participants have the opportunity to discover new experiences and nourish joyful connections. Experiential Day Hospice provides a day full of organized activities, mutual support and the enjoyment of being in peaceful surroundings.  


Experiential Day Hospice is guided by the values of hope, community, acceptance and confidentiality and aims to provide a positive, relaxing and welcoming space at no cost to participants. Setting up Experiential Day Hospice in your community also comes at no cost to your organization. 


Activities and therapies vary, but often include things like educational workshops, gardening, games, Reiki, massage therapy, and aesthetician services, all provided in a safe, comfortable, and completely voluntary environment. A healthy midday meal is always provided. 

Plant Soil
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Get Involved

  • Volunteer at your local area chapter of Experiential Day Hospice: Whether it’s a few hours a day, a week or a month, we appreciate whatever time you can give.

  • Join our Experiential Day Hospice Program Team and help build the capacity of this program including volunteer engagement, community outreach, agency partnerships and financial sustainability. 


  • Join our Day Hospice for Street Involved (Remote) Working Group and help complete our pilot projects in Ottawa and Toronto. 

  • Complete your Post Secondary Education as our Program Manager: Ideally suited for someone currently enrolled in a Social Worker, Social Service Worker or Community Worker Program.

Help us raise money for our Experiential Day Hospice program by joining our Moonlit Memory Walk, and celebrate the lives of parents, grandparents, siblings, children, and colleagues who have died. We also honour loved ones lost before, during, or after a pregnancy, the memory of pets that are no longer with us, and those who donated life-saving organs to others.

Have you identified a gap in how your community / agency / organization approaches support for those who are facing death, their loved ones, and their primary caregivers? If the answer is yes, then we want to partner with you. Visit our Community Partnerships Page to learn more.

How Experiential Day Hospice Helps

If you would like to inquire about Experiential Day services in your area, please contact us at

With your donations, we can help those in your community who have heard the words none of us wants to hear, giving them meaningful opportunities to embrace life and create joyful memories.

This program is free for all participants and is funded entirely through donations. Please help us support the well-being of those who are facing death so that they can find both delight and comfort during their challenging journey, knowing they are not alone.


Our Partners

We are incredibly thankful for the meaningful collaboration and generous support of our partners:
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