Experiential Day Hospice Facts

What: A day retreat program, that celebrates life with organized activities, support and the enjoyment of peaceful surroundings. 


Who: Adults diagnosed with a life-limiting illness.


Why: We believe that life is enriched when it is nourished with positive, joyful and learning experiences.


The HHA Way


It seems to be a never ending series of appointments, treatments and caregivers flowing in and out of one’s home.  The illness takes over; it becomes a way of life; it becomes a new identity. Whether it is the person walking the journey of a life changing illness or their family, the whole situation is exhausting!  Experiential Day Hospice is built on the following values:


  • Hope: Hope structures your life in anticipation of the future and influences how you feel in the present. 

  • Community:  Universally there are only two things that every person has in common – we come into this world and we go out of this world.  Just as it takes a village to raise a child it takes a village to, (quoting Bono) how we care for the sick and dying is surely a litmus test of our humanity. Just as we fight for equality in life, so we should fight for equality in death.”

  • Acceptance:  supporting the power of choice and control over how an individual choses to live their life in the face of their death – free of judgement or condition.

  • Confidentiality:  respecting the choices and wishes of our diagnosed client in a safe environment.

Within each Chapter we strive:


  • To provide a positive and welcoming place that has a relaxing at no cost to the participants.

  • To augment other community services that exist for participants of the program and to provide informational resources about these services.

  • To encourage our community at large to become involved in the program and become volunteers who actively assist participants in our program.

  • To provide our participants a choice of activities and adjuvant therapies, including but not limited to, educational workshops, gardening, games, Reiki, massage therapy, esthetician services etc... in a safe, comfortable and relaxing environment.

  • To provide a healthy mid day meal.

  • To promote involvement by the participants and their families in shaping the activities provided and policies related to the program.

  • To provide the daily program through dedicated trained volunteers.


Details of Service

  • Inspiring diagnosed individuals to become focused on living big, living fully present and living in the moment

  • Provides respite for a primary caregiver; security in the knowledge that their loved one is in a safe environment

  • The thread that weaves through Experiential Day Hospice is Legacy; creating memories is the foundation of the day’s agenda, special guests, activities and themes

Experiential Day Hospice is about sparking transformation, inspiring a focus on living big, living fully present and living in the moment; “If you are telling me I am dying, I am not dead yet!”. 

Each day is an exciting adventure into culture, entertainment and fun. Strangers, perhaps when they enter for the first time.  Friends from the first day; sharing legacy and experiences. Looking for an opportunity to leave your illness at the door?  Experiential Day Hospice is your chance!

Newly Diagnosed:

  • Non-Judgemental and Non-Stressful discussion with people who are in the same boat

  • A way to put their illness on the back shelf for the day

  • Allows them to open and share their feelings and to feel lots of support

  • A place to relax in a non-threatening way

  • A chance to try new ways of relaxation that they may not actively go out and seek


Living With Your Diagnosis:

  • The door is always open – no one ever is too sick or too healthy to be turned away

  • After a period of time they could possibly switch roles and become a volunteer at the program

  • A transitional support system leading back into “everyday life”


Quality vs. Quantity:

  • Environment that supports their journey and does not have behind the reality of the situation

  • A non-threatening environment to start legacy work

  • A safe place to do what they need to do to process the goodbyes they want to say without worrying about the reaction or stress it puts on their family members


Supporting Grieving Loved Ones:

  • Ease the burden on the mental health system by caring for those needing grief counseling

  • Can be a very important part of the grief journey for the family

  • Open the door for family to visit and hear stories of their loved one from a group who shared a very specific aspect of their journey



August 2017:  Experiential Day Hospice Launches in Scarborough 



Q:How does it work?


A:The client join us in the morning after some time to welcome everyone, various activities take place and clients are welcome to participate whenever they’re comfortable. Lunch will be served at 12:30pm.


Q: What do the clients do there?


A: Each week will follow a different theme and will have different activities that are related to the theme. We strive to make activities simple yet fun and educational. However the day is self-directed to some extent as well so clients can participate in activities to whatever degree they are comfortable.


Q: Is the program accessible?


A: Yes. The centre is equipped with an elevator and accessibility accommodations. Most activities are suitable for everyone.


Q: How long have you been running this program?

A: 3.5 years


Q: How many clients does this program serve?

A: 10-25 people. (Attendance depends on location and community.)


Q: What sponsorship opportunities are available?

A: Flexible options are available. (banners, logo on something, day hospice in partnership with etc.)