This approach also provides relief for the many communities that have held back trying to establish their own hospice because of the estimated $10,000,000.00 needed to build a building, with beds.


A new Canadian Cancer Society report says critically ill Canadians are falling through the cracks when it comes to palliative care and calls for action to improve care across the country. Canada’s patchwork of palliative care services is costly and inconsistent, which is bad for patients and for the sustainability of our healthcare system. 


By becoming a player in a community, Home Hospice Association, in collaboration with other players including (and especially) the caregiver facilitates an approach to end of life care that is not reliant upon bricks and mortar but rather dignity, care and culturally sensitive human connection.  This is good for the patient, good for their family and good for the community.


Gap Analysis

  • Assist in making presentations to provincial levels of healthcare

    • Introduce services that may be offered to the community

    • Determine if a complimentary service is currently being delivered by an existing charitable agency

    • Identify any funding that may be available for services deemed most needed in this community

    • Assist in the completion of any funding applications for direct funding to the community


Community Delivery of Services Plans

  • Assist in establishing base of operations and securing local operational “in kind support”

  • Provide resources such as business materials, job descriptions and operational / policies & procedures manuals

  • Assist when necessary in helping to choose the Staff the community will employ

    • Support the writing of the first Operational Business Plan (emerging from the Strategic Work done to date) 

    • Assist in developing  Internship & Mentorship Programs to help build future staff from engaged volunteers

  • Volunteer Recruitment

    • Provide support by co-hosting first Volunteer Information Night

    • Provide access to any resources in support of necessary training

  • Marketing and Fundraising Plans all Customized and Launched 

    • Assist, where needed, in reaching out to established community agencies for client intake


Ongoing Follow Up & Operational Support

  • Progress meetings will those who may be still watching from outside but need to be cultivated to come on board

  • Constant improvement of economies for care delivery methods leads to long term sustainability

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