Need for Home Hospice Association’s Care Model


When Tracey Robertson, President of Home Hospice Association, is asked if this care model is necessary…her answer is “to the point”:


  • Everyone will die

  • We all want a peaceful, dignified and comfortable death

  • Most of us cannot afford the death we desire

  • The government will never be able to fund the kind of death we desire


The attention paid to curing illness versus supporting those for whom there is no cure is unbalanced.  The medical community is trained to save lives and hospitals want to save lives, yet 60% of hospital deaths are from terminal illness. 


How Home Hospice Association’s Care Model Works


It takes a village to raise a child.  That same village has a moral and ethical responsibility to guide their own in the dying experience. Through the spirit of collaboration, this care model ensures no man, woman or child will have to leave their “home” to find free, quality hospice care. By helping patients, those who love them and supporting members of their community form genuine bonds, this care model builds peace of mind. Everyone knows they are in good hands and that no one will be alone when death occurs. 

Programs Offered Under Home Hospice Association’s

Care Model


Visionary leadership and cutting edge thinking has created programs based on the perspective that:

  • There is not enough (hospice) care in any community

  • Everyone has the right to live a meaningful and productive   life regardless of diagnosis or prognosis 

  • Emotional and spiritual support must be available from the moment of diagnosis

  • The more supported family and friends feel the better support they will be for their loved on

  • Someone leaving hospice care because they are on the road to wellness is a great “win”

  • No one should have to journey the dying process alone

  •  Size of bank account should not dictate level of care


Bringing the Home Hospice Association to Your Community

By becoming a player in your community, Home Hospice Association, in collaboration with other players including (and especially) the caregiver facilitates an approach to end of life care that is not reliant upon bricks and mortar but rather dignity, care and culturally sensitive human connection.

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