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Founder's Club


Founders Club Establishing a Model of Success for All Future Home Hospice Associations… “You can’t build a great building on a weak foundation. You must have a solid foundation if you’re going to have a strong superstructure.”

-Gordon B. Hinckley


The Challenge:  Most communities, while well intentioned, struggle to establish an organization (on their own) to deliver the end of life care friends, neighbors and co-workers need. 


The Solution:  Build a; not-for-profit, replicable, turnkey service, to provide a care and funding model to enable any community to deliver a hospice experience to anyone, in their home, at no cost to the patient or their family.


The Investment:  Increments of $100.00 to $50,000.00 leading to a campaign goal of $200,000.00


The Investors:  Key members of the business community who are deeply committed to supporting the basic fabric of our society, rooted in the tenant that death is a natural part of life.  These businesses are excited about being involved in and supporting pioneering / ground breaking work that plays a pivotal role in building, enriching and defining our nation.  Each will see how equipping the communities, in which their employees and customers work and live, with the tools to support each other at end of life; actually improves quality of life.  


What the Investors will Fund:


Final Program Development for 7 Signature Home Hospice Association programs

  • Software development of the Proprietary Baseline Plan of Care Program

  • Complete supplier negotiations (development, distribution and processing of Request for Proposals)  

  • Secure national “Partners in Community” (resources needed to deliver care)


Design the Structure of each Association

  • Initial meetings with local government and key members of the community

  • Co-Facilitate Town Hall Meetings for Initial Volunteer (Leadership) Recruitment

  • Facilitate first Strategic Planning Session


Charitable (Governance and Strategic) Consulting

  • Assist with community Not For Profit and Charitable Status Activities

  • Establish Governance and By-Laws

  • Facilitate first Board Meeting

  • On-going coaching for first Board of Directors


Start Up Operational & Administrative Infrastructure

  • Development and production of Policy and Procedure Manuals

  • Required training for the Baseline Plan of Care Software Program

  • Purchase and Required Training for Accounting Software

  • Human Resources Plan



  • National Media Sponsorship to reduce or offset the cost of community advertising

  • Website & Social Media Launch

  • Design & Printing of a Community specific Professional Practice Package

  • Build the first annual Marketing Plan & Advertising Campaign


Volunteer Recruitment & Training

  • Design & Production of Volunteer Recruitment Tool Kit

  • Design of Volunteer Training Program

  • Design and Printing of Volunteer Resource Manual

  • Create Volunteer Development & Appreciation Tool Kit


Ongoing Operational Support

  • On call Program Director

  • Software updates and additions to Partners in Community

  • Reporting Systems, Methods and Statistical Data Collection

  • Travel Sponsorship to Annual General Meeting


Seed Capital

  • Supplier negotiating to reduce program costs and establish employee driven fund raising activities

  • Build first annual Fund Development Campaign

  • National Sponsorship and National Fundraising Plan Facilitation


Why Would You Invest:


Home Hospice Association is committed to working tirelessly to grow relationships that will ensure financial sustainability for HHA and those we serve.  You can be confident that:   


70% of your investment will be used for program delivery vs an industry average of 50-60%

20% of your investment will be used for fundraising vs an industry average of 30%

10% of your investment will be used for administration vs an industry average of 25 – 30%


Home Hospice Association is committed to

  • Proving to be a worthy recipient of your marketing and sponsorship dollars through ongoing analysis of the best of ROI (return on investment) and staying on the leading edge of recognition. 

  • Understanding your current marketing and branding mix

  • Presenting one complete proposal with a full picture of how your investment will receive maximum return


By sitting down and sharing the mission and vision of Home Hospice Association and your Corporate Responsibility goals we will be able to determine the best way to properly brand you to the national roll out of Home Hospice Association’s across Canada.  This may be through a continuous representation in each aspect of the “franchise-like” model or by giving you exclusive ownership of one of the components such as:

  • Baseline Plan of Care Software Program

  • Town Hall Meetings

  • Strategic Planning Session

  • Community specific Professional Practice Package

  • Volunteer Recruitment Tool Kit

  • Volunteer Training Program

  • Volunteer Resource Manual

  • Volunteer Development & Appreciation Tool Kit

  • Annual General Meeting


Five Reasons Why We are Building Community Hospice One Terminal Diagnosis at a Time and why should you want to help?


  • People are being diagnosed with a terminal illness every single day.  And while this may have yet to affect you (or those you love) it is happening all around us.  The sad reality is not everyone gets “cured” and as a result the words healing or hopes take on a much different meaning.

  • We don’t have enough places for people to die with peace, dignity, comfort and compassion.  And those places cost millions to build in the first place.  

  • We believe that instead of trying to raise the almost five million dollars it costs to build a hospice building we could raise money to give people the same care in their home starting with the very first $700.00 raised, not after five years of running a building campaign and cutting a ribbon.

  • Our health care system is struggling and as much as we yell and scream and for as many reports that are written saying we need more palliative care – all the talking about needing it is not turning into an increase in care. 

  • Pat Riley in his book The Winner Within stated that “we must become an active participant in our own rescue” which means to Home Hospice Association that waiting for things to change is not an option.  It is our moral obligation to work to build hospice care in every community one terminal diagnosis at a time.


No shovels or building permits required to expedite community hospice care - thanks to you and the

Home Hospice Association


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