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Glen Burkholder


I have been a career funeral director and involved in the profession for more than 28 years now. My commitment extends well beyond the environment of the work place. I am the father of two beautiful young ladies. Both of my girls, Sadie and Emma have completed there university education and aspire to work with children .


Community has always been a strong hold for me and I enjoy volunteerism to very rewarding levels. Included in my volunteerism was, church life, Daval Hospice, Stamford Lions Club, Big Brothers Association of Niagara Falls, Niagara Falls Historical Museum – Cemetery Tours, Niagara Falls Block Parent Association, Hill House Hospice, Richmond Hill, and By The Willow - "Day Away" Hospice Program. Professional associations include the Niagara District Funeral Service Association, Toronto District Funeral Directors Inc. and Ontario Funeral Service Association. 


Recently I have expanded my ability in certain fields of web design. It has been my distinct pleasure to play a role in the construction and configuration of this very site. I also enjoy getting my hands dirty with home repairs and renovations. Some of my favorite things to do include photography, the outdoors and enjoying a country drive, on my motorcycle.

Jeanne O'Kell, RN


“Hospice has become an unstoppable passion and the opportunity to work, in such a hands on environment, to deliver new programs to hospice associations is a chance of a life time!”


Jeanne’s work experience as a Palliative Care RN and her volunteer experience as a Board Member, Chair of Programming (Committee) and Community / Client Care Director has provided her with a unique melding of qualifications that she is thrilled to be bringing to the Home Hospice Association.


In addition to hospice palliative care experience, Jeanne recently graduated St. James College Seminary as a certified Hospice Chaplain in order to be able to work in her chosen field of care, in a way that meets the complete needs of those in any community (and their families) who are dying.


The opportunity to bring all of this incredible experience to a community is one that Jeanne believes will ultimately allow us to meet a collective goal of delivering the very best of hospice care in the Country.

Tracey Robertson


A tireless advocate for hospice care Tracey has been involved in raising funds and awareness for 12 years.  A growing need to move from a corporate environment to a charitable focus became a little voice “inside her head” that could not be ignored when she saw the challenges hospice care had in drawing attention to the work it did.  “Death and Dying is not Sexy” Tracey is often quoted as saying. In a competitive fundraising world how someone died is often overshadowed by how they lived.  This requires a passionate (some of her family may even say obsessive) march to helping communities understand hospice care and the power it has to help people live big, live fully present and live in the moment.


“I fell in love with the "business of not for profit" when I was working on an event for a client in 2002.  At that time I had three family members who had either recently died or had been diagnosed with a life threatening illness. This drew me to want to apply my business (entrepreneurial strategic development skills) to charity work but I did not know in what direction to move.  It was at this time I learned about and developed a passion for hospice palliative care.  It was a wish come true…I was finally where I was put on this earth to be.”


Waking up to that same wish every morning motivates Tracey in the most powerful way to help those in need of hospice care, live!  Conceiving of ideas, like The Bello Project and building the (subsequent) tools for working with a new hospice is more exciting than anything she can imagine! 

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