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Fund Development Team

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Our Goal: The Fund Develoopment Teamfocuses on providing leadership and successful facilitation of all aspects of HHA’s Fundraising Plan.  Members of this team will be volunteers who are able to take on a specific role that has a place or need in each aspect of the plan as well as is a common need for special events and third party events.  HHA’s Sponsorship Program is an excellent example of a project the fundraising committee would focus on. 

Team Objectives

Under This Team’s Leadership

  1. IPLD Scholarship

  2. Capital Campaign

  3. Moonlit Memory Walk

  4. Grants

  5. Pawcasso’s Studio

  6. IPLD Workshops

Primary Collaborator 

  1. Compassionate Caregiving Online Training

  2. Chapter Engagement

  3. Key Note Presentations


  1. Pilot Projects

  2. Professional Development Training

  3. Speciality Training

  4. Newsletter

  5. Many Faces of Compassion

  6. CANDY Café

  7. Supporting National Board of Directors


HHA’s National Centre of Excellence needs a home.  It is time to (when the time is right) to get out of our homes and into a collaborative environment where together we can ensure no person living in this country dies alone or in distress. You could help us build the framework for the campaign that will bring us our home.  A successful Capital Campaign takes preparation and planning.  You can help plan this campaign if you would like to develop your budgeting skills, research skills, grant writing skills or public relations skills.  You will be welcome to take on a piece of the campaign writing / development and ensure that we are able to find and open a place we call home, so that those who are dying may die wherever they call home.