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General Death Cafés

September 27, 2023

December 6, 2023 


All virtual events begin at 7:00 PM EST

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About the event:

At General Death Cafés people - often strangers - gather together to discuss death. This event doesn’t have any particular objectives or themes aside from increasing everyone’s awareness of death and exploring our relationships with death, dying and grief. As we grapple with what life looks like today, having a safe and non-judgmental space to talk about difficult subjects is so important and can have a significant impact both on how we live and how we die.

About Death Cafés:

A Death Café is a group-directed discussion of death. The goal of creating these spaces is to encourage and normalize conversations about the one reality we all share, but that few wish to talk about. By increasing our awareness of death, we’re better positioned to make the most of our (finite) lives.

Home Hospice Association’s Death Cafés build on the international social movement of Death Cafés, originated in the UK in 2010. Leading the national community in the facilitation of Death Cafés, HHA is committed to this important community outreach. ​

Meet the Facilitators:


Lisa Bonneville

coming soon!

Jordan Cleland

Jordan Cleland is a death doula, breath guide, social worker, and researcher who finds great joy in supporting people on their unique life paths. In both her professional and personal pursuits, she nurtures authentic connections and navigates through experiences with intention.


Her practice is person-centered, rooted in knowing that people have the answers they seek within themselves, and she offers tools to support the revealing of those answers together. Her most poignant daily contemplation is that she too will die; and so, she asks how to live life in alignment with what’s important to her. She works with lightness and a deep humility for every individual's journey of life and death.

Jordan Cleland HHA Death
Cari Ferguson HHA Death Cafe Facilitator

Cari Ferguson


She is part of HHA's death education team and serves as the Candidate Advisor and a facilitator for both the Death Doula and Infant and Pregnancy Loss Doula training programs. Additionally, Cari is HHA's communication manager and she facilitates both the General Death Café as well as the Caregivers Death CaféCari is deeply passionate 

about death and grief education. She is the founder of Strong Winds Consulting, a professional bereavement service that provides insight, guidance, and companionship to those approaching their end of life as well as grief support to those in mourning. 

Janet Glancy

Jan currently leads Home Hospice Association's Hamilton-Halton Team as we grow the work of the Bello Project (keeping pets and owners together when the owner has been diagnosed with a terminal illness). Jan also works with HHA's Waterloo Wellington Team on the annual Many Faces of Compassion event.

HHA Death Doula Dame Stirling

Dame Stirling

Dame Stirling is a Home Hospice Association Death Doula Candidate. As a Death Café facilitator, Dame Stirling is here to hold safe space for people to have the conversations that need to be had but that never seem to have a right place or time.

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