George Bishop 

  • Chair: In Home Hospice Steering Committee


“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” -Carl any juncture in life we are first mates in collaboration with spirit in directing our lives


George brings with him over 25 years’ experience in substance abuse, mental health, forensic science and domestic violence skills in therapeutic intervention and education, as well as program development and management. He has initiated and developed programs for outpatient and intensive outpatient and inpatient services. In this service his predominate theme has included the spiritual aspects of the modern malaise and its centrality to healing as we are human beings connected to an ecological world.  His credentials include: Masters of Arts-counseling psych, Masters in Graphoanalysis, (handwriting) and a Master’s of Science in Forensic Science. He holds dual licensure in mental health-LPC and addictions-LAC. He is a registered Licensed Massage therapist and Certified Reflexologist, Master Reiki therapist and Certified Yoga teacher.  His passion for eco-psychology and seeing the whole person in connection to their spirit and environment comes from his own journey to healing. Having had many experiences in life that could have left him crippled or dead he has found his own way to the light and healing in his life. He is excited to join Home Hospice Association and share this.

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