Goods and Service In Kind Donations

Thank you to:

  • Meeting Space generously donated to Home Hospice Association by Team Moir, Ward Funeral Home and Smith Funeral Home

  • Professional Consulting Services generously provided to Home Hospice Association by Achieve Your Potential

  • Home Hospice Association’s first business location generously donated by Dogtopia Canada

  • Home Hospice Association Logo & The Bello Project Icon redesign generously donated by Alyx Duncan Graphic Design


Donor Wall


Have you ever thought about what it takes to get your business name in big letters at the top of a donor wall?  Most business owners and entrepreneurs imagine the number of zeros that would have to appear on the cheque.  Assuming financial contributions are they only way to move up in the donor recognition category.  Home Hospice Association has a different vision.

The donation of time, expertise and other non-monetary items is a donation avenue that anyone or any business is able to offer.  Home Hospice Association has structured the Donor Recognition Plan (Return on Investment) for gifts and services in kind to recognize these donations in the same way cash donations are recognized.


What’s it in for Home Hospice Association? An expedient way to offset expenses necessary if the goal of launching the first Home Hospice Association in January 2016 is to be met.


What’s in it for a Gift and Service in Kind donors? It has allowed them to report a donation value that, in some cases, is quadruple what a cash donation would have been.


Tying the branding of your product or service to a cause is smart business.  Finding ways to increase the awareness around your commitment to a cause is a recipe for long term success.  Consider how you may be able to support Home Hospice Association as you learn more about The Founders Club Campaign


Home Hospice Association has estimated that the cost, to a community, to deliver In-Home Hospice is $700.00 per day.  While this is less than palliative care in a hospital and does not require the community to raise $5,000,000.00 to build a building the goal is find ways to reduce this cost to $500.00 or less per day.  This goal may present some very specific “in kind” donation ideas.

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