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Growing Our Programs


Our Goal: This team will be specifically responsible for ensuring each of the seven HHA programs are equally respresented in our Community and Chapter Engagement.

Your Interest:  This project will be specifically of interest to anyone who is working or learning in the areas of Community Social Work or Social Service Work.

Working as a team of Program Managers gives you the chance to apply all the knowledge gained in the classroom in a pracitcal real life scenario.  Further you will have a chance to see how the front line works when you are able to work with our partnering agencies to ensure they have all the resources they need so that care is available when cure is no longer possible. 

Team Objectives

Team Work: Each person wishing to learn, grow and advance both their careers and our impact will have the choice of working on a specific program and playing a role in each of the seven objectives or working on a specific objective and having an impact on all seven programs.

TEAM PROJECTS click on Project Title to go directly to the project description

Process for Mobilizing Care for a Client needing HHA Programs:  Home Hospice Association Compassionate Caregiving Professionals, Volunteers and Partners are an extension of a dying person’s family.  This means that the way in which a person may become a client is not strictly tied to a medical referral.  Anyone may reach out to let us know we are needed.  Therefore the role HHA plays in the Client Intake Process can look quite different based on where the referral comes from. However in all cases the goal is to ensure that, from the first point of contact, whoever reaches our for help feels heard and supported. Working on the Client Intake Process will present projects ideal for those who are interested or experiences in In the Client Intake Process, we speak about the clients who have a terminal illness and need support. So, like every organization, HHA has a process for clients to become clients. The intake process is a few steps:  Either a client, themselves, a loved one, a medical professional, etc., goes to the HHA website and fills out one of the "Access Help Now" forms. The form is directed to the Client & Community Care Coordinator, who then gets things into action by reaching out to the client, HHA staff and HHA volunteers.

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Volunteer Recruiting and Onboarding:  Volunteers are the life blood of Home Hospice Association, our Chapters and our Agency Partners. Do you like working with others? Are you creative and outgoing? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, you might find a great and rewarding experience with the HHA Volunteer Engagement Team, helping to work on Volunteer Onboarding projects. These projects focus on welcoming prospective volunteers interesting in working with HHA’s National Centre of Excellence, at their local chapter or with one of our many agency partners. Each project is designed to accomplish one most important goal and that is to make them feel comfortable, welcome and  completely prepared to engage in their chosen role(s). If you love figuring out processes, how things work, and the big picture, this is an area for you.

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Communications and Public Awareness:  Communication & Public Awareness is just what it says…Getting HHA’s name out there. Talking to people and organizations about dying and death. Bringing awareness to your community and how our programs support those in need. Some projects that need assistance or completion in Communication & Public Awareness are: Turning the Vet Clinic Lunch & Learn from an in-person presentation to a virtual presentation; Virtual Death Cafes & C.A.N.D.Y  Cafes; Finding organizations to present “How Many Maggies and other Key Note Presentations; Identifying Conferences (virtual or in-person) for HHA to participate in as a presenter, exhibitor or contributor to their Poster

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Agency Partnerships Research Project:  Working in collaboration with our Training and Development Team this project has one very important goal: Ensure those in our communities who need our Compassionate Caregiving Training receive it.  The way win which we do this is by building key relationships with qualified agencies, organizations, cultural and faith communities to allow for them to use our intellectual property customized to their specific needs.  If you chose to work on this project you will be able to determine which part of the project you are most interested in:  a) research and database building; b) CRM development; c) survey development and implementation d) report building e) marketing and communications plan.  Each role will play a critical role in the delivery of specialized training to our partnering agencies.

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HHA Fund Development specific to Program Budgets:  HHA is a Canadian Registered Charity so we do a lot of fundraising. Fund Development is coming up with or assisting on any fundraising activity for any of our specific programs. Some projects that need assistance or completion in Fund Development are: Pawcasso’s Studio (raising funds for The Bello Project); Infant & Pregnancy Loss Doula Training Scholarships; building materials kits for the creation of Comfort Cozies (swaddle a baby who has died after being born prematurely); identifying program specific needs a monthly donor’s campaign that can be launched on Giving Tuesday, ensuring each program has a funding need communicated for the Moonlit Memory Walk (HHA’s major annual fundraising event and  grant writing. Working on fund development specific to Home Hospice Association Programs means you will be working directly with HHA’s fund development team.

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Standard Operating Procedure Development:  The Key to Home Hospice Association’s charity missions is the development of agency or community partnerships within our chapters.  This ensures our ability to help to end the suffering of as many people as possible as soon as possible. Working in the spirit of collaboration with other organizations is one of the most important efforts of Home Hospice Association.  It fast tracks the delivery of hospice care into multiple communities and is an effort many granting bodies find worthy of investment.  All agencies are faced with the same challenge of a lack of funds and a lack of people power.  Therefore our value to a partner includes a turn-key program and support to establish one of HHA’s programs.  Working on this team you will play a role in building the resource centres required for our partners and developing plans of action to bring a program to life.  Examples of projects include: resource development such as business materials, job descriptions and operational / policies & procedures manuals; co-presentation of their volunteer information events; onboarding process for existing volunteers into the new program (which includes ensuring access to any resources in support of necessary training); marketing and fundraising team development; ways in which HHA is able to assist where needed, in end user client to their new HHA program(s). 

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