Growing Our Programs

Our Goal: This team will be specifically responsible for ensuring each of the seven HHA programs are equally respresented in our Community and Chapter Engagement.

Your Interest:  This project will be specifically of interest to anyone who is working or learning in the areas of Community Social Work or Social Service Work.

Working as a team of Program Managers gives you the chance to apply all the knowledge gained in the classroom in a pracitcal real life scenario.  Further you will have a chance to see how the front line works when you are able to work with our partnering agencies to ensure they have all the resources they need so that care is available when cure is no longer possible. 

Team Objectives

Team Work: Each person wishing to learn, grow and advance both their careers and our impact will have the choice of working on a specific program and playing a role in each of the seven objectives or working on a specific objective and having an impact on all seven programs.

  1. Agency Research and Partnership Development

  2. Ensuring each program is represented at the Moonlit Memory Walk

  3. Grant Writing

  4. Fund Development specific to program budgets

  5. Communication and public awareness

  6. Volunteer Recruitment & Training

  7. Client Intake Process

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