“How we care for the sick and dying is surely a litmus test of our humanity. Just as we fight for equality in life, we should fight for equality in death.”     - Bono from the Rock Band U2



How It Begins:  Community Leaders recognize the benefit of interdisciplinary collaboration and improved communication among existing agencies and community service providers.


The Goal: Full utilization of the existing knowledge and skills of all community members in collaboration with established best practices to develop a cohesive  and inclusive standard of care that keeps the needs of the dying person (and those who love them) at the centre of care. 


The Guidance:  Home Hospice Association demonstrates that end of life care is possible; in a non-institutionalized environment; which may come as relief if your community has  held back trying to establish your own hospice because of the estimated $10,000,000.00 needed to build a building, with beds.


Home Hospice Association works directly with a Municipality to establish the relationship with your community and provide guidance: 


Environmental Scan

  • Learn history of Municipality’s approach to end of life care to gauge potential level of engagement

    • Minimize risk of abdication of responsibilities

  • Determine level of interest and assess spirit of collaboration 

  • Determine plan of introduction to other players in the community who may weigh in on feasibility


Feasibility & Focus

  • Analyze full service model that may start to tie together with existing Health Care & Social Justice Agencies

  • Complete Community Stakeholder Map

  • Initiate one on one meetings with all who have been identified in Stakeholder Map

  • Co-facilitate Service Club and Faith Community Presentations

  • Co-host Town Hall Meeting


Preparation and Planning

  • Assist in the writing of the first Business Plan; Strategic Plan & Operations Plan

  • Provide resources such as sample first year Budget and Budgeting Handbook

  • Assist in location search and co-present their mission and vision if an in-kind Sponsorship for the physical operations centre is being considered

  • Assist in the writing of Marketing & Fundraising Plans (for the purpose of presenting to the community the services now available and the ways in which the community may financially support the services)

  • Provide resources for the creation of Service Packages that will be used to solidify the process of  Patient Intake

  • Provide resources for the establishment of formal relationships with care providers (professional & volunteer)

  • Assist in determining what staff will be required and ensure the budget is adjusted accordingly

    • Provide samples of job descriptions and Not For Profit standards for remuneration

    • Assist in the creating of recruiting ads and associated collateral

    • Assist, if necessary, in the interview process

  • Provide Resources such as a performance indicator Dashboard, connected to short term and long term indicators of success and sustainability

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