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Many professional care givers, in most communities, are delivering various kinds of support along the treatment journey.  These care givers are also asked, continually, to provide end of life care when a patient is unable to leave that environment.  Home Hospice Association works with each care provider to ensure staff and volunteers are able to deliver the Foot Prints Program along the journey and the Home Hospice Program when someone is actively dying.


Retirement Residences:  One of the best ways for Retirement Residences to start to provide hospice care under their roof is to introduce the Experiential Day Hospice Program to their schedule of activities.  Adopting this program is not only a beneficial service for their residents but can also be an excellent way to extend their profile within their community. 


Long Term Care Facilities:  A full complement of Foot Prints is available to the long term care facilities we are supporting and who have come to understand the importance providing hospice care to their residents and patients. 


Hospitals:  While our goal is to prevent, as often as possible, hospital deaths there is no question that Canadians may opt to die in hospital or may need to go to hospital for care and death comes as a result.  Because hospice care is not about the medical side of a dying person’s journey, Home Hospice Association is a worthy partner for any hospital.  Through Hospice Specific Volunteer Training and Foot Prints, HHA is able to train hospital staff and volunteers in the care of a terminal patient, and those who love them.

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