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HOPP journeys with a family, along the path of their child's life limiting illness to maintain a sense of normalcy as much as is possible by providing “edutainment” experiences as well as all manners of care along the entire illness journey.   Why is this important?  Regardless of the prognosis, a child's curiosity, desire for accomplishment and sense of enjoyment remains. Also ever present is the family's need to share in bonding experiences.

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As alarming as our lack of care for adults facing a life limiting illness is... 

It does not even come close to the heart-wrenching lack of care for our children

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HOPP is active in many cities across Canada, including:


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Establishing HOPP with our turn-key service and consulting support comes at no charge to your community. In turn you will be able to provide care and comfort at no cost to the patient or their family. 


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